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I recently read an article about some Christian fanaticals who decided it was time to get in touch with the bull on Wall St. and make him change his ways. Hilarious stuff. Lots of comments from this post which add to the laughing stock these people become. It makes me realize that no matter how sophisticated we think we are, we’re still very primitive and ritualistic.

It also makes me think of the election. We’re about to go into the polling booths on Tuesday and vote for…… who? The way people adore and adulate Barack Obama, you would think he is the next coming of the savior himself. I won’t elaborate on this, because I’ve posted about it before here.

Well, I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did:

Where’s Charlton Heston when you need him?

We are going to intercede at the site of the statue of the bull on Wall Street to ask God to begin a shift from the bull and bear markets to what we feel will be the 'Lion's Market,' or God's control over the economic systems. While we do not have the full revelation of all this will entail, we do know that without intercession, economies will crumble.

We are going to intercede at the site of the statue of the bull on Wall Street to ask God to begin a shift from the bull and bear markets


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Jim Cramer with a very pointed and barbed attack against the establishment “insiders” who are taking this country down the drain. Everyone with half a brain can see what is happening in this country. The real question is “why”? I’ve read stories over the past few years that they have encouraged people to dip their toes in the stock market, the water is fine etc. This more or less proves my own theory as to why the little guy should NOT be in the stock market. Say what you will, but a lot of people are getting hurt and it’s getting worse. Take the time to listen to what he has to say, it might be valuable to you:

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Yesterday there was a story reported on CNNMoney.com how the Airlines industry is reeling from the continuing rise in fuel costs. United Airlines announced today they will lay off some 950 pilots in an effort to conserve cash reserves and stay afloat.

Pressured by rising fuel costs, major airlines could collapse as early as this year, the coalition said. The failure of just one airline could disrupt travel for 200,000 to 300,000 daily passengers and cause between 30,000 and 75,000 immediate job losses, said the coalition.

Imagine the impact on the economy if the airline industry as a whole goes under. Business travel slowed to a crawl. Important parts and supplies slowed down by days and weeks. Travel and leisure becoming regional with only the elite being able to travel by private jets, hmmmmmm, sounds more and more like a bad science fiction novel. Is this what is ahead of us? Is this what is “planned”? I’m beginning to wonder who or what is really driving this whole thing. Add some serious wobble to this story.

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Fuel costs could ‘devastate’ airlines

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