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Seems like someone isn’t on board with the Global Warming crusade. We need a representative to get up there to Alaska now and start brainwashing procedures level 4. There are a couple rebel glaciologists up there that we need to deal with IMMEDIATELY!! They have the crazy notion that their glaciers are growing, hahaha. Where have these guys been for the last 5 years? If anyone from the GWFL ( Global Warming Frontal Lobotomy) can read this, we need your assistance now. These guys are reporting that this past summer is the worst they have seen in 20 years!

The Anchorage Daily News has the FULL STORY

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Well, more bad news for Global Warming Fanatics. Today a story is being reported on BBC news regarding a freak hailstorm that covered the ground with a white blanket some 4 inches deep covering over 100 acres that was still visible 12 hours after the storm.

There is a good reference to the story as well as links to other stories around the globe of unprecedented events that indicate that the earth is actually cooling here.

The recent inactivity of sunspots on the Solar disk is being hypothesized as the culprit to these cooling events.

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World Net Daily posted a very good article about the Going Green campaign that we are getting shoved down our throats. It’s undeniable that people like T. Bone Pickens and Nancy Pelosi are ahead of the curve and stand to profit immensly from inside information and gobs and gobs of money to throw at these programs for renewable energy and control of alternative energy sources and even water rights.

The article in my opinion is very well written and if one wants an idea of the real picture behind “Going Green” than take a gander at this article:

Pelosi, Pickens plan to pick your pocket

On another note and in the same line, one of our fellow bloggers has posted a nice piece about how a cooler summer in Maine is hurting tourism there. Seems like Global Warming is in a stall pattern based on average temperatures here and in other parts of the world as well. Hmmmmm, based on all this does anyone else smell a RAT????????????

Maine’s tourism industry suffering due to cooler, wetter, weather

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You kids are all CO2 emitting beasts and you must consider dying for your planet. That’s the message Planet Slayer tells kids on the Australian Broadcasting Company’s web site.

The site invites young children to take a “greenhouse gas quiz”, asking them “how big a pig are you?”. At the end of the quiz, the pig explodes, and ABC tells children at “what age you should die at so you don’t use more than your fair share of Earth’s resources!”

Again Alex Jones has the best quote for this stuff: “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up People”

Read it at The Register: Oz TV advises CO2-emitting children to die early

Visit Globalcoolingnews.com for timely news stories regarding Global Warming Hype

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I have been reading reports recently suggesting that Global Warming is an unsubstantiated theory. In fact it could be quite the opposite. I did a google search on Global Glaciers and found a rather interesting report from National Geographic magazine from Sept. 11th, 2006. Rather than suggest that the glaciers are shrinking, the report states quite emphatically that there are alot of glaciers that are growing and that the summer temperatures in these areas are getting lower! Is there something you missed in your data Al? How did you skip over this?

Read the report yourself and see what conclusions you draw:

Some Glaciers Growing Due to Climate Change, Study Suggests

Interested in knowing what people think about this!!

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I came across an article today that spoke of “Ecohackers” posted on the Guardian.co.uk website. Wow, what an interesting read. Some of the ideas that scientists have for staving off Global Warming. Absolutely astounding. How about this one:

Roger Angel, director of the Center for Astronomical Adaptive Optics at the University of Arizona, is looking to the stars rather than the sea. He wants to put a mesh of tiny light refractors into space to sit between the Earth and the sun. The material would bend some of the sun’s rays away from the planet.

“It’s probably the most expensive and the cleanest,” says Angel, who would need 16 trillion gossamer-light spacecraft, each sitting about a kilometre apart. Roughly 5m tonnes of material would be shot into space by a large magnetic railgun seated at the top of a mountain near the equator. Other than the $1tn (£500bn) launch cost, the other downside would be the 30 years needed to get them up there.

Full story

What I would like to know of course is who is funding these studies? I think we are beginning to see the first signs of the misappropriations of funds that has been started by our good pal Al Gore in diverting money that could be more WISELY spent on REAL issues. I encourage you to read the full report and formulate your own conclusion. Even NASA has recently stated that we are headed to a period of global cooling for the next 30 years. These studies are preposterous, not to mention mind numbingly DUMB ideas!!! Feedback?

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There was an interesting report on Pupaganda today stating that the Polar Bear population has not been effected as reported by such popular theories that propagandists would have us believe. This report states that hunters in the 60’s had decimated the population to 5,000. A hunting ban in 1973 brought the numbers back and currently they stand at some 25,000. It further goes on to say that the global temperature has actually dropped 1.25 degrees F which the report states will continue for the next 10-15 years. Could we be headed for a mini ice age instead of the planet heating up? Robert Felix believes so. He wrote the book “Not By Fire But By Ice

Felix has some very strong points that we could enter an ice age and it could happen as quickly as a decade. There is a link on his website as well from a NASA report (one of the leading proponents of global warming) which states:

1 May 08 – “The allegedly warming earth is in for about 30 years of cooling according to NASA, one of the leading global warming theory advocates.

“NASA has confirmed that a developing natural climate pattern will likely result in much colder temperatures, according to Marc Shepherd, writing in the April 30 American Thinker. He adds that NASA was also quick to point out that such natural phenomena should not confuse the issue of manmade greenhouse gas induced global warming which apparently will be going on behind the scenes while our teeth are chattering from a decade and a half long cold spell.

So, consider carefully your sources when someone is preaching to you about global warming, they may not be in your best interest. Comments?

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I was reading an article this morning that talked about how the environmental shifts are going to cause huge migration shifts across the globe. There are some statistics that are quite alarming. The new term is being dubbed “Envirogee” and is seeing an increasing use among experts.

What is it that we are seeing? Is this the beginning of a step back in time when our ancestors had to flee conditional changes in order to survive? Could be. Everything is cyclical and it is possible that we are witnessing the beginning of a shift.

For the best post on the story I will refer you to an article written by Larry West on the About.com site:

Scholars Predict 50 Million Environmental Refugees by 2010

Be sure and read this article and the statistics he has put together from the United Nations University which are quite pertinent. My question to you the reader is: Is there anything that can be done, and do you truly believe that Global Warming is brought about solely by the direct result of our impact on the planet?

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