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Wow, the news gets better and better here folks. What is REALLY going on in this country? How do we let these people run our government? Well, actually its the people who appoint these idiots that we should really hold accountable.

A recent story regarding Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke is surfacing about how they are admitting that they cannot account for 2 Trillion dollars of the money that was given out for the bailout. I can’t even keep track of how much money they were supposed to allot for this crisis. The last I knew it was supposed to be $700 Billion. Now its 3X that amount.

“We have no idea who got this money or the conditions or collateral put up in return for the loans. ”

Time to wake up America, you are being robbed, deaf dumb and blind. My guess is there is a plan to bankrupt this country. These guys are as much as admitting to it if you ask me. If they can deal out this kind of money and not be accountable to it, can you show me how I can go about getting into this business, how do I start one of these programs that were started in the last few months that were appropriated some of the funds? Absolutely CRIMINAL!!

You need to take the time to read this story:

$2 Trillion Handed out by Paulson and Bernanke, But Who Got It, Nobody Knows

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Watching the evening news last night, I was amazed to see a video that NBC ran about Barack Obama’s popularity around the world. The references to the “resurrected” American dream were bad enough, but then about 2:30 into the video came a very interesting artist and his depiction of Jesus Christ, along with his new Barack Obama sketch. Very well done NBC, you have helped drive the mass hysteria to a frenzy, so subtly.

Come along Sheeple for the journey, it will be a hard uphill climb, but we’re going to get there, uh huh. Where are you going to lead all these people Mr. Obama?

See the video here: MSNBC Nightly News

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Interesting story across the wires today. Here’s a tip, when visiting Muslim countries like Dubai, you might want to find out ahead of time, what the laws and penalties are for getting caught having sex in public. A British couple didn’t and they are facing a possibility of up to 6 yrs. in prison following an episode of romantic sex in the surf in Dubai. Wonder if they permit conjugal sex? Hmmmmm, doubtful at best.

Read the full story here:

Sex On The Beach?

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Well, more bad news for Global Warming Fanatics. Today a story is being reported on BBC news regarding a freak hailstorm that covered the ground with a white blanket some 4 inches deep covering over 100 acres that was still visible 12 hours after the storm.

There is a good reference to the story as well as links to other stories around the globe of unprecedented events that indicate that the earth is actually cooling here.

The recent inactivity of sunspots on the Solar disk is being hypothesized as the culprit to these cooling events.

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Geez, add some wobble to this one. I recently visited Jeff Rense site this morning and was shocked to see the following picture on his homepage. Gone are the Uncle Sam Wants You! days and are being replaced by Sucidial Teens Welcome! WTF? Apparently the pressure is really on to recruit? They’ll stoop to the lowest most highly prone individuals to enlist now. Makes me wonder what they will do them once they get them. Fill them full of psycho pyrotechnics and then what? Wow, scary thought.

Suicidal Teens Welcome!

Suicidal Teens Welcome!

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There are reports in the Telegraph.co.uk and the online Jerusalem Post that the Dutch intelligence agency AIVD is reporting that they have pulled a “spy” out of Iran involved in learning information about the arms industry in Iran.

From the Telegraph.co.uk story:
“The operation, described as extremely successful, was halted recently in connection with plans for an impending US air strike on Iran,” said the report.

Is this a “Wag The Dog” scenario? That’s what I think it is. I do not believe the US or Israel has the audacity to carry out a strike against Iran. However with events that are ongoing in Georgia, it could be their strategy in keeping Russia occupied while we infiltrate Iran. Whatever is going on. the wheels are turning in some way, very interesting developments to say the least.

The full story:
Dutch withdraw spy from Iran because of ‘impending US attack’

Love to hear comments regarding this.

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Another possible cause of the Ferry Disaster MV Princess Of the Seas was revealed today in the fact that there are a critical lack of experts in the meteorology field to read the data that could have saved hundreds of lives. The Philippines had just invested $40 million dollars in new detection equipment, but they have nobody that knows how to use the equipment.

This appears to be a wide and varied problem for the PH as they lose critical experts in related fields of science to higher paying jobs in other countries. In this case it contributed to the heartache of many people. Nobody can put a price on that.

The Full Story from the Asian Times:

Philippines pays for geek exodus

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