Seems like someone isn’t on board with the Global Warming crusade. We need a representative to get up there to Alaska now and start brainwashing procedures level 4. There are a couple rebel glaciologists up there that we need to deal with IMMEDIATELY!! They have the crazy notion that their glaciers are growing, hahaha. Where have these guys been for the last 5 years? If anyone from the GWFL ( Global Warming Frontal Lobotomy) can read this, we need your assistance now. These guys are reporting that this past summer is the worst they have seen in 20 years!

The Anchorage Daily News has the FULL STORY


An interesting story is developing about a tape that is in the possesion of African Press International that has Michelle Obama calling World Net Daily “racist” and senior editor Jerome Corsi as “evil”. She also has gone so far as to call API and accuse them of “colluding with American internet bloggers to bring down her husband”

API is witholding the tape in an effort to give Michelle Obama time to “come Clean” about the conversation before releasing the tape to the public. There has been much pressure on both sides of the fence to either release or not release the tape. API has stated that it will release the tape to the public.

“A number of Americans who are die-hard Obama followers have tried their best to intimidate API using all kinds of threatening methods when they call in and when they e-mail us,” the API statement said. “They are implying that API is planning to destroy Obama’s chances to become the next U.S. president. API does not have a direct interest in the U.S. presidential elections and we want Obama supporters to understand that. However, when someone who may become the next first lady makes such comments as in the story we have published, the public have the right to know. Intimidation directed to the publishers of the story is not the answer.

“The delay to make public the recordings is expected to give time to Mrs. Obama to come clean and tell the American people that her comments were not meant to harm anyone but that she was reacting to the media pressure on her husband. She should also come out and tell the American people that she will not discriminate those who are not Obama fanatics if she becomes the first lady,” the statement said.

The complete story is available on World Net Daily

OK, we’ve stated it before here. Obama was a practicing Muslim. Is this any more proof, or is the man that confused over his own faith? My point is, he lies like a dog to give everyone what they want. I personally don’t care that he was a practicing Muslim, all I’m saying is that he isn’t up front about it, so that makes him no better than any of his predecessors before him, and he will continue to dodge bullets and lie. Watch the video and draw your own conclusions:

Interesting story across the wires today. Here’s a tip, when visiting Muslim countries like Dubai, you might want to find out ahead of time, what the laws and penalties are for getting caught having sex in public. A British couple didn’t and they are facing a possibility of up to 6 yrs. in prison following an episode of romantic sex in the surf in Dubai. Wonder if they permit conjugal sex? Hmmmmm, doubtful at best.

Read the full story here:

Sex On The Beach?

Tropical Kenya Turns Icy Cold

Well, more bad news for Global Warming Fanatics. Today a story is being reported on BBC news regarding a freak hailstorm that covered the ground with a white blanket some 4 inches deep covering over 100 acres that was still visible 12 hours after the storm.

There is a good reference to the story as well as links to other stories around the globe of unprecedented events that indicate that the earth is actually cooling here.

The recent inactivity of sunspots on the Solar disk is being hypothesized as the culprit to these cooling events.

Geez, add some wobble to this one. I recently visited Jeff Rense site this morning and was shocked to see the following picture on his homepage. Gone are the Uncle Sam Wants You! days and are being replaced by Sucidial Teens Welcome! WTF? Apparently the pressure is really on to recruit? They’ll stoop to the lowest most highly prone individuals to enlist now. Makes me wonder what they will do them once they get them. Fill them full of psycho pyrotechnics and then what? Wow, scary thought.

Suicidal Teens Welcome!

Suicidal Teens Welcome!

There are reports in the Telegraph.co.uk and the online Jerusalem Post that the Dutch intelligence agency AIVD is reporting that they have pulled a “spy” out of Iran involved in learning information about the arms industry in Iran.

From the Telegraph.co.uk story:
“The operation, described as extremely successful, was halted recently in connection with plans for an impending US air strike on Iran,” said the report.

Is this a “Wag The Dog” scenario? That’s what I think it is. I do not believe the US or Israel has the audacity to carry out a strike against Iran. However with events that are ongoing in Georgia, it could be their strategy in keeping Russia occupied while we infiltrate Iran. Whatever is going on. the wheels are turning in some way, very interesting developments to say the least.

The full story:
Dutch withdraw spy from Iran because of ‘impending US attack’

Love to hear comments regarding this.