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I have been reading reports recently suggesting that Global Warming is an unsubstantiated theory. In fact it could be quite the opposite. I did a google search on Global Glaciers and found a rather interesting report from National Geographic magazine from Sept. 11th, 2006. Rather than suggest that the glaciers are shrinking, the report states quite emphatically that there are alot of glaciers that are growing and that the summer temperatures in these areas are getting lower! Is there something you missed in your data Al? How did you skip over this?

Read the report yourself and see what conclusions you draw:

Some Glaciers Growing Due to Climate Change, Study Suggests

Interested in knowing what people think about this!!

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I came across an article today that spoke of “Ecohackers” posted on the Guardian.co.uk website. Wow, what an interesting read. Some of the ideas that scientists have for staving off Global Warming. Absolutely astounding. How about this one:

Roger Angel, director of the Center for Astronomical Adaptive Optics at the University of Arizona, is looking to the stars rather than the sea. He wants to put a mesh of tiny light refractors into space to sit between the Earth and the sun. The material would bend some of the sun’s rays away from the planet.

“It’s probably the most expensive and the cleanest,” says Angel, who would need 16 trillion gossamer-light spacecraft, each sitting about a kilometre apart. Roughly 5m tonnes of material would be shot into space by a large magnetic railgun seated at the top of a mountain near the equator. Other than the $1tn (£500bn) launch cost, the other downside would be the 30 years needed to get them up there.

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What I would like to know of course is who is funding these studies? I think we are beginning to see the first signs of the misappropriations of funds that has been started by our good pal Al Gore in diverting money that could be more WISELY spent on REAL issues. I encourage you to read the full report and formulate your own conclusion. Even NASA has recently stated that we are headed to a period of global cooling for the next 30 years. These studies are preposterous, not to mention mind numbingly DUMB ideas!!! Feedback?

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