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Watching the evening news last night, I was amazed to see a video that NBC ran about Barack Obama’s popularity around the world. The references to the “resurrected” American dream were bad enough, but then about 2:30 into the video came a very interesting artist and his depiction of Jesus Christ, along with his new Barack Obama sketch. Very well done NBC, you have helped drive the mass hysteria to a frenzy, so subtly.

Come along Sheeple for the journey, it will be a hard uphill climb, but we’re going to get there, uh huh. Where are you going to lead all these people Mr. Obama?

See the video here: MSNBC Nightly News

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I recently read an article about some Christian fanaticals who decided it was time to get in touch with the bull on Wall St. and make him change his ways. Hilarious stuff. Lots of comments from this post which add to the laughing stock these people become. It makes me realize that no matter how sophisticated we think we are, we’re still very primitive and ritualistic.

It also makes me think of the election. We’re about to go into the polling booths on Tuesday and vote for…… who? The way people adore and adulate Barack Obama, you would think he is the next coming of the savior himself. I won’t elaborate on this, because I’ve posted about it before here.

Well, I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did:

Where’s Charlton Heston when you need him?

We are going to intercede at the site of the statue of the bull on Wall Street to ask God to begin a shift from the bull and bear markets to what we feel will be the 'Lion's Market,' or God's control over the economic systems. While we do not have the full revelation of all this will entail, we do know that without intercession, economies will crumble.

We are going to intercede at the site of the statue of the bull on Wall Street to ask God to begin a shift from the bull and bear markets

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Wonder how stuff like this gets under the radar. Perhaps because of the election, and because of the controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Alex Jones has talked about these kind of plans by the elite over and over again. How does anyone accurately prove their existence. Details about things like this come out years and years later. Similar of course to the 911 tragedy, Kennedy assassination etc.

We find out about them, we discuss it over the water cooler, and then go back to our task at hand, comfortable with the knowledge, but at the same time uneasy and fearful. Key word is fearful, where they want us to be at all times anyway. Nothing to me makes me more fearful then talking about man made plagues. Good stuff.


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Here we go again. This time it’s Reverend Michael Pfleger behind the pulpit. Stirring things up by saying that he believes Hillary Clinton thinks she is “white and therefore entitled to the Presidency” he goes on to say “until Barack Obama came along”.

Quite comical actually. Not enough to throw the “savior” Obama off the tracks though I’m afraid. Here is the video:

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The more I hear about this guy, the less I like. The posturing, the media bowing down in reverence, the women fainting (I’m sure you’ve all seen that video of his meetings right?) Is he the anointed one, the savior of every U.S. citizen?

I’m beginning to wonder if this man is a Manchurian candidate, set up to accept the throne and bring the masses to their knees.

I will include this from the website that lists all the many lies this man has perpetrated: From the blog Audacity Of Deception & Hypocrisy comes the following:

On December 22nd, in a small-town café in Pleasantville, Omaha, Obama was asked a question that typically only circulates on the Internet.
As he sat down to have a slice of pie with a small group of potential voters and an elderly woman asked him about being Muslim.
“I’ve always been a Christian,” the Illinois Democrat responded. “I have never practiced [Islam].”Note: The newspaper editors had to add the word, “Islam.”In his autobiography, “Dreams From My Father,” Obama mentions studying the Quran. He was enrolled in two Jakarta schools as a Muslim. His teacher Tine Hahiyary said that she remembered that he had studied “mengaji” (recitation of the Quran).” Classmate Rony Amiris described Obama as being a very devout Muslim, saying, “Barry was previously quite religious in Islam.” Another classmate, Emirsyah Satar, now the CEO of Garuda Indonesia, was quoted as saying, “He (Obama) was often in the prayer room wearing a ’sarong.’” (See Obama’s Education.)Yet, on his official campaign website, Obama has posted this statement, “Barack has never been a Muslim or practiced any other faith besides Christianity.”

Obama’s grandfather was a Muslim. Obama’s father was a Muslim. Obama’s stepfather was a Muslim. His African relatives are Muslims. What was he for the 27 years before his alleged conversion if he wasn’t a Muslim?
If Obama has always been a Christian, why was he enrolled in two Jakarta schools as a Muslim, and why did he study the Quran?

And note his Clintonesque defense, “I have never practiced.”

This is Obama’s biggest problem — his dissimulation.

Saying, “I’ve always been a Christian,” is a bold-faced lie.

WHO IS THIS MAN, and WHERE did he come from? Comments?

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Here is a very prominent person Liz Trotta former New York bureau chief for the Washington Times saying it would be good if we could “knock off” both Osama Bin Laden and Barack Obama and then laughing about it, what a comedian, geez!

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