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I’m really perplexed by the conundrum we face over energy consumption. There are so many variables that exist over this issue. When you look at the fact that energy consumption is spinning out of control around the world, are the energy demands this creates going to be sustainable and if so, how much longer?

Is anyone really giving us the straight truth regarding whether we really have an adequate oil supply to take care of the HUGE demands that are placed? I have heard the issue from both sides: we are past peak, or that there is enough oil to last for decades. Who really knows? Why are prices continuing to rise at such alarming rates? Have we reached such high consumption levels that the producers can’t keep up?

Personally, I think it is being orchestrated to bring the U.S. in check. Our over consumptive, oil greedy society is being brought to reality and in check with the rest of the planet. The U.S. dollar is no longer the dictator and the chief means of trading in oil any longer. The Euro has taken front stage. One of the main reasons why we went to war in Iraq is because of the fact that Iraq was going to start trading in the Euro and turning it’s back on the U.S. for it’s trading. Iran has just started a procedure of trading in multiple currencies which is in my opinion why we are putting so much pressure on them.

The days of U.S. dominance in oil consumption is being curtailed or at least brought to light and put to the test. Will we be able to find ways to conserve and change direction? My guess this is the beginning of the days when we ween ourselves from oil. It may take decades and there may be alot of hardship as a result. Most likely the average consumer is going to be the one to suffer the most.

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