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I was reading an article this morning that talked about how the environmental shifts are going to cause huge migration shifts across the globe. There are some statistics that are quite alarming. The new term is being dubbed “Envirogee” and is seeing an increasing use among experts.

What is it that we are seeing? Is this the beginning of a step back in time when our ancestors had to flee conditional changes in order to survive? Could be. Everything is cyclical and it is possible that we are witnessing the beginning of a shift.

For the best post on the story I will refer you to an article written by Larry West on the About.com site:

Scholars Predict 50 Million Environmental Refugees by 2010

Be sure and read this article and the statistics he has put together from the United Nations University which are quite pertinent. My question to you the reader is: Is there anything that can be done, and do you truly believe that Global Warming is brought about solely by the direct result of our impact on the planet?

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