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Ok, in the last post we exposed Obama for the pervert that he is. What happened to the great loving husband with two beautiful daughters we all thought he was? It just goes to show you how the media portrays these people. That’s exposed now, we know he’s not who he claims to be. Now, in surfing around we find this video of a recent speach he did in Oregon. THE MAN DOES NOT EVEN KNOW HOW MANY STATES WE HAVE IN THE U. S.!!!!!!! I’m telling you right now he is a fraud!!!!! Watch this video and you can see for yourself. He’s not worked up, making a claim or anyting. I can let it go as a mistake if he were feverishly trying to make a point, but he’s not!! He’s just as calm and collected as anyone can be and he tells the people that there are 57 states. WATCH AND EXPOSE THIS FRAUDSTER:

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