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Here we go again. This time it’s Reverend Michael Pfleger behind the pulpit. Stirring things up by saying that he believes Hillary Clinton thinks she is “white and therefore entitled to the Presidency” he goes on to say “until Barack Obama came along”.

Quite comical actually. Not enough to throw the “savior” Obama off the tracks though I’m afraid. Here is the video:

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Add to the latest chapter on Hillary Clinton’s stellar campaign. Seems she made a comment to the effect that said, she stays in the campaign, because you never know what could happen. What if Obama got assassinated? Am I the only one, or is this on alot of people’s minds these days? It’s sickening to think of, a disease if you will that people are thinking this as a real outcome of this election. I’m interested in knowing what other people are thinking about this. For now, since I can’t get the damn video embedded, here is the link to Keith Olbermann interviewing Jonathan Alter senior editor of Newsweek regarding her comments:


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