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I’d say this ad is a rather interesting one to say the least. Still don’t believe that Obama is the “Anointed One”? Maybe you’ll have questions about things after you watch this ad:

He’s coming people, the savior, All Hail the coming of “The One” Even John McCain and the Republican Party is stunting for him. Unbelievable. Bring me all the sheep ready for the slaughter.

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I ran across a nice little montage of video clips of presidential candidate John McCain this morning and I think it’s worth sharing. This man doesn’t seem to really have any consistency to anything he says. To me it’s amazing in the fact that this more or less proves the theory that politicians as a whole lie. McCain just happens to be VERY bad at it. Most of them are good actors and can weasle their way out of things. Or, could it be that this information age doesn’t let them get away with it? In any case, take a look at the video and ask yourself the question posed by the post title.

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