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I was checking out the weather this morning to see where the current snowband was located. We’re in an area that it changes very rapidly from sunshine to snow. You can run into heavy squalls one minute, and bright sunshine a mile up the road. As I was browsing a very interesting story caught my eye. Apparently the lovely state of NY has written some new laws. It’s now illegal to have license plate frames that obstruct your plate. Imagine being pulled over, minding your business, obeying the speed limit and the officer asks for your registration and license, then proceeds to tell you he pulled you over because of your license plate frame? Or also, how about your air freshener hanging from your rear view mirror, that’s another no-no. Or even a satellite radio attached the windshield inside your car — they can all be considered an obstruction of your view.

Looks unobstructed to me

Looks unobstructed to me

This is a blatant attempt of invasion of privacy, and a clear indication that the state of NY is making it easier and easier for NY State Police to have an excuse to pull you over, find something else to investigate, maybe you’ll end up in the slammer for something really stupid.

This is just the beginning folks, time to get serious about our rights before we have NONE!

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Ticketed for license place bracket

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