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The Australian has issued a story relating to the divers that have gone down to recover victims of capsized MV Princess Of the Stars.

It appears that some victims had life vests on, but they may have been hesitant to jump into the rough sea. It is reported that there was not alot of time to make decisions for the passengers because the ship capsized in about one half hour.

The Full Story on The Australian:

Divers see many bodies in capsized Philippines ferry

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Reports are coming in that 50 bodies were found about 60 miles north of the capsized ferry but no confirmation on whether they were victims of the MV Princess Of the Stars.

The U.S. has stated that it would send an aircraft carrier to the Philippines today to aid in the relief efforts from Typhoon Fengshen. Now reports are coming in that possibly 1100 people could have lost their lives as a result of the storm. More than 430,00 have been displaced.

The Full Story From the Washington Post:

More bodies found after Philippines storm, U.S. vows aid

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More news is coming forward regarding the recent disaster in the Philippines. 28 people were found washed to shore on an island not far from where the ferry sank.

Sulpicio Lines issue a statement regarding the ill fated MV Princess of the Stars ferry that ran aground of a sandbar dooming approximately 800 people:

Edgar Go, vice-president of Sulpicio Lines, today expressed his regret over the loss of life. “Sulpicio Lines deeply mourns the tragic loss of lives and its good ship, Princess of Stars, last 21st June 2008, losing to the untamed fury of mother nature in an unfortunate tragedy that nobody, least of all the company, wanted to happen,” he said.

Distraught relatives and officials are demanding answers as to why the ferry took off with Typhoon Fengshen bearing down on the Philippines. Here is a link to the video clip and story from the Guardian.co.uk:

Philippines ferry disaster: Relatives’ grief turns to anger

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I was taking a look at the new google trends site this morning and wondered why Philippines News was one of the highest search trends for today. When I clicked on the link I found out why. A ferry took off from Manila bound for Cebu yesterday while Typhoon Fengshen was bearing down on the Philippines.

This is a tragedy that never should have happened. Why would the ferry captain take off with all those passengers knowing there was a storm headed on course for their sailing destination? Well, knowing personally having been to the PH several times and been on these ferries, it’s not so surprising. Regard for human life is not as important there as getting the job done and collecting the fare. Such a needless tragedy and sickening to think that it could have been avoided. There are more maritime tragedies there than anywhere else in the world if I am not mistaken.

In any case, I feel for all those people and their families and friends. Terrible news. Not to mention the effects of the typhoon itself and the devastation and flooding it has caused.

Full stories:

Philippine Ferry With 700 Aboard Sinks Amid Typhoon

Video Coverage of Typhoon Fengshen:

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