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Seems like someone isn’t on board with the Global Warming crusade. We need a representative to get up there to Alaska now and start brainwashing procedures level 4. There are a couple rebel glaciologists up there that we need to deal with IMMEDIATELY!! They have the crazy notion that their glaciers are growing, hahaha. Where have these guys been for the last 5 years? If anyone from the GWFL ( Global Warming Frontal Lobotomy) can read this, we need your assistance now. These guys are reporting that this past summer is the worst they have seen in 20 years!

The Anchorage Daily News has the FULL STORY

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Well, more bad news for Global Warming Fanatics. Today a story is being reported on BBC news regarding a freak hailstorm that covered the ground with a white blanket some 4 inches deep covering over 100 acres that was still visible 12 hours after the storm.

There is a good reference to the story as well as links to other stories around the globe of unprecedented events that indicate that the earth is actually cooling here.

The recent inactivity of sunspots on the Solar disk is being hypothesized as the culprit to these cooling events.

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World Net Daily posted a very good article about the Going Green campaign that we are getting shoved down our throats. It’s undeniable that people like T. Bone Pickens and Nancy Pelosi are ahead of the curve and stand to profit immensly from inside information and gobs and gobs of money to throw at these programs for renewable energy and control of alternative energy sources and even water rights.

The article in my opinion is very well written and if one wants an idea of the real picture behind “Going Green” than take a gander at this article:

Pelosi, Pickens plan to pick your pocket

On another note and in the same line, one of our fellow bloggers has posted a nice piece about how a cooler summer in Maine is hurting tourism there. Seems like Global Warming is in a stall pattern based on average temperatures here and in other parts of the world as well. Hmmmmm, based on all this does anyone else smell a RAT????????????

Maine’s tourism industry suffering due to cooler, wetter, weather

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Ran across this post today that says that there may have been a nuclear blast as a result of the Sichuan Province earthquake supposedly coming from a high level Chinese military official. Apparently the largest Chinese military arms depot is located in a mountainous region there.

Of course now the theory is and has been for awhile that this quake may not have been a natural event. Who knows, with HAARP technology it may very well be possible according to some theorists.

After carefully analyzing seismic data, military experts in southeast Asia confirmed a non-geological shock had occurred at the earthquake epicenter. The energy released was equivalent to that of an underground nuclear explosion.

The Full Story:

Earthquake Destroyed China’s Largest Military Armory, Says Source

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As if the news could not get worse, officials halted searches today for victims of Saturdays ferry disaster. Apparently the MV Pricess Of the Stars was carrying some 10 tons of toxic pesticides. Sulpicio Lines was carrying some 400 boxes of endosulfan. This pesticide is highly toxic and has the potential to be very damaging to the environment. Now we have an environmental disaster playing out.

What a mess they have there now. They can’t get the bodies from the craft until they take care of this pesticide. Absolutely terrible news. This pesticide if it leaks will wreak havoc with the environment there. There is no way this should have been aboard a passenger ship and the level of toxicity is very high. Sulpicio Lines will be held accountable for this as well.

Full Story:

Toxic pesticide on Philippine ferry halts search

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I was taking a look at the new google trends site this morning and wondered why Philippines News was one of the highest search trends for today. When I clicked on the link I found out why. A ferry took off from Manila bound for Cebu yesterday while Typhoon Fengshen was bearing down on the Philippines.

This is a tragedy that never should have happened. Why would the ferry captain take off with all those passengers knowing there was a storm headed on course for their sailing destination? Well, knowing personally having been to the PH several times and been on these ferries, it’s not so surprising. Regard for human life is not as important there as getting the job done and collecting the fare. Such a needless tragedy and sickening to think that it could have been avoided. There are more maritime tragedies there than anywhere else in the world if I am not mistaken.

In any case, I feel for all those people and their families and friends. Terrible news. Not to mention the effects of the typhoon itself and the devastation and flooding it has caused.

Full stories:

Philippine Ferry With 700 Aboard Sinks Amid Typhoon

Video Coverage of Typhoon Fengshen:

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A scientist in Japan is confident within 10 years that he can solve Japan’s energy needs. Japan imports 100% of their energy. He believes that research he has done with a specific algae can change all that. He has spent his entire career looking for an algae that would excrete oil and he has found the species he was looking for. Give them light and carbon dioxide and they “sweat” oil.

This is a great story and one that is very promising if it can be done. Let’s hope that the fact that this has been discovered in a foreign country other than the U.S that it will come to fruition without the greedy oil industry killing it in it’s tracks.

Japanese scientists create diesel-producing algae

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You kids are all CO2 emitting beasts and you must consider dying for your planet. That’s the message Planet Slayer tells kids on the Australian Broadcasting Company’s web site.

The site invites young children to take a “greenhouse gas quiz”, asking them “how big a pig are you?”. At the end of the quiz, the pig explodes, and ABC tells children at “what age you should die at so you don’t use more than your fair share of Earth’s resources!”

Again Alex Jones has the best quote for this stuff: “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up People”

Read it at The Register: Oz TV advises CO2-emitting children to die early

Visit Globalcoolingnews.com for timely news stories regarding Global Warming Hype

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Imagine guys under the cover of night, moving through the city, planting corn seeds, cucumbers and squash. The audacity of these urban criminals. What on earth can such people be thinking? I’m sure they will meet the stiffest penalty of the law should they be found and brought to justice. Imagine when people finally find out about them, I can hear the cries now —- “NOT IN MY BACKYARD!!!” Gotta check it out, it’s a growing trend across a few cities like San Francisco, Miami, London, Berlin. Guerrilagardening.org

Guerrilla Gardening

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Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur informs her colleagues on exactly what is planned for the NAFTA highway. Do we all still think this highway is a myth? Well, think again folks. As Alex Jones always says “You can’t make this stuff up” watch and be informed:


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