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Another possible cause of the Ferry Disaster MV Princess Of the Seas was revealed today in the fact that there are a critical lack of experts in the meteorology field to read the data that could have saved hundreds of lives. The Philippines had just invested $40 million dollars in new detection equipment, but they have nobody that knows how to use the equipment.

This appears to be a wide and varied problem for the PH as they lose critical experts in related fields of science to higher paying jobs in other countries. In this case it contributed to the heartache of many people. Nobody can put a price on that.

The Full Story from the Asian Times:

Philippines pays for geek exodus

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As if the news could not get worse, officials halted searches today for victims of Saturdays ferry disaster. Apparently the MV Pricess Of the Stars was carrying some 10 tons of toxic pesticides. Sulpicio Lines was carrying some 400 boxes of endosulfan. This pesticide is highly toxic and has the potential to be very damaging to the environment. Now we have an environmental disaster playing out.

What a mess they have there now. They can’t get the bodies from the craft until they take care of this pesticide. Absolutely terrible news. This pesticide if it leaks will wreak havoc with the environment there. There is no way this should have been aboard a passenger ship and the level of toxicity is very high. Sulpicio Lines will be held accountable for this as well.

Full Story:

Toxic pesticide on Philippine ferry halts search

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There was a mass by a Catholic priest given yesterday at the site of the capsized MV Princess Of the Stars. Some relatives were present and threw flowers as the priest gave a mass from a tugboat close to the sunken vessel.

U.S. and Philippines divers are combing the wreckage in an effort to recover bodies from the ship.
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The U.S.S. Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier is currently moored off Panay Island giving food, water and medical supplies to evacuees from Iloilo City.

Full Details can be read here:

Mass at Philippines ferry site, relatives weep

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More news is coming forward regarding the recent disaster in the Philippines. 28 people were found washed to shore on an island not far from where the ferry sank.

Sulpicio Lines issue a statement regarding the ill fated MV Princess of the Stars ferry that ran aground of a sandbar dooming approximately 800 people:

Edgar Go, vice-president of Sulpicio Lines, today expressed his regret over the loss of life. “Sulpicio Lines deeply mourns the tragic loss of lives and its good ship, Princess of Stars, last 21st June 2008, losing to the untamed fury of mother nature in an unfortunate tragedy that nobody, least of all the company, wanted to happen,” he said.

Distraught relatives and officials are demanding answers as to why the ferry took off with Typhoon Fengshen bearing down on the Philippines. Here is a link to the video clip and story from the Guardian.co.uk:

Philippines ferry disaster: Relatives’ grief turns to anger

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I was taking a look at the new google trends site this morning and wondered why Philippines News was one of the highest search trends for today. When I clicked on the link I found out why. A ferry took off from Manila bound for Cebu yesterday while Typhoon Fengshen was bearing down on the Philippines.

This is a tragedy that never should have happened. Why would the ferry captain take off with all those passengers knowing there was a storm headed on course for their sailing destination? Well, knowing personally having been to the PH several times and been on these ferries, it’s not so surprising. Regard for human life is not as important there as getting the job done and collecting the fare. Such a needless tragedy and sickening to think that it could have been avoided. There are more maritime tragedies there than anywhere else in the world if I am not mistaken.

In any case, I feel for all those people and their families and friends. Terrible news. Not to mention the effects of the typhoon itself and the devastation and flooding it has caused.

Full stories:

Philippine Ferry With 700 Aboard Sinks Amid Typhoon

Video Coverage of Typhoon Fengshen:

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